This enterprising idea marked Versace as the first and foremost Luxury Fragrance brand featured in the 828-meter towering high icon, the world’s tallest building – The Burj Khalifa. A crowd-stopper, whereas the spectacular size and shape of the Burj Khalifa suddenly turned into a molten gold silhouette with a loud heart beating sound that made everyone curious, look up and ensure to capture the stunning showcase of Versace fragrances just as the gathered influencers in a one spectacular event did!

Its façade served as the big screen which displayed dignifying 180 seconds of Versace advertorial and beautifully concluded by the emblems of the hosts of this historic feat, Alpha Italia, regarded as the Master Distributor of Euro Italia brands, amongst which is Versace, and is the curator of countable concepts and successes for the brand across GCC countries. Then after is Luxe Port, the trusted distribution service resource and solely representing Versace brand across 7 emirates of UAE, both companies were under the robust leadership of Mr. Padma Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director, and Mr. Kashif Shehzaad, Group CEO, and definitely along with the principal of Versace brand, Euro Italia, creators of Iconic fragrances and beauty products since 1978, which is a proud Italian company and is grounded by Mr. Giovanni Sgariboldi.

It was an eventful evening indeed as Ms. Tasneem Joher [General Manager], Mr. Hosam Bou Hamdan [Area Manager] and team welcomed and presented the most admirable selection of Versace fragrances, its crème de la crème prior to the show at the premium spot of The Address Hotel Downtown:

Atelier Versace, collection of 12 unique and exclusive scents stunned the market recently with its relentless pursuit of highest quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship translated into these master pieces, ranging from fresh, floral, to woody, spicy and of oriental scents.

Featuring as well the family of Dylan Blue, Dylan Turquoise pour Femme and Dylan Blue pour Homme, as it embodies brand’s tradition and innovation.

And definitely, the muse and best-seller globally since it was officially launched in the year of 2006, Bright Cyrstal indeed was created to be a bottle of “TIMELESS ELEGANCE” as regarded by her eminence, Donatella Versaceherself. 

A lasting impression reached out tons of viewers online & counting across the world, and wowed the great number of spectators at the heart of Downtown Dubai.